We use holistic, healthy methods of skin renewal and rejuvenation.
Our facial treatments involve several natural methods.

Facial cupping-using a light suction that helps rid the skin of excess fluid and puffiness, we move lymph and associated toxins from the dermis layer towards the lymph glands.

Cosmetic Injections- We utilize a botanical and natural based homeopathic blend that is designed to stimulate collagen production. This sterile FDA registered solution is injected into creases and lines of the face.

Dermaroller-the same skin-benefitting homeopathic solution is applied to the whole face and a sterile medical grade roller with microneedles is used to direct the homeopathic into the skin, where it will cause an overall rejuvenation of the face. The microneedles cause little more than a tickle, but help the entire face receive the benefit, not just a few spot areas. The end result is healthier, more toned skin with fewer fine lines and an overall vibrant appearance.

The protocol does require 8 treatments in 8 weeks, and differs from botox in a few ways. This method, called mesotherapy, does not “freeze” the muscles of the face, rather it is actually beneficial for the whole face and helps the health of the dermis as a whole. Since this method works so differently than botox, this program is for people who have not had botox or whose effects have since completely wore off.

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