Gall Bladder Health

Poor digestion? Trouble handling fatty foods? Poor energy? Blood lipid levels getting worse? High blood pressure? Though there can be many reasons for these issues, it could pay to start treating the gall bladder better. After so many miles, a car benefits from an induction service, where internal components are cleaned out. Likewise your gall bladder can benefit from being cleaned out. Thin, smooth bile works much better than thick sludge. Too much sludge and stones and you may have your gall bladder taken out! The thing is, I have met people with no gall bladder who still complain of gall bladder- sounding issues, often the same complaints they had before the gall bladder was taken out. What do you do to prevent these problems? Maintenance with nutrition.

Do this protocol every 2 months.
Mix 2 cups finely grated raw beets with fresh lemon juice. Add two tablespoons extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Eat half of this between breakfast and lunch, and the other half between lunch and dinner. Do this for ten days. Repeat in 2 months.

The beets have betaine, which is great for inflammation, blood pressure and blood vessel health (remember the betaine-homocysteine lowering effect). Beets do have natural sugar though, so if you believe you need to do this but are diabetic, ask me about great alternatives. So, don’t be “melancholic” (black bile), clean your human machine and feel better.