Allergies can bring down your quality of life, keep you from places you want to be, and generally make your life miserable.  You need a solution.   The solution presented by the allergy shot therapy you are familiar with is to gradually get your immune system acclimated to a specific allergen or allergens over time.  That method may work for some, but it does take a long time.  Our approach is to fortify your immune system well enough that your body is not going into a minor crisis every time you encounter a problem, whatever the allergen may be.  Pollen, ragweed, dander, or whatever, your system should be able to handle these things normally without having an immune overreaction.  Our special injection therapy is FDA approved and will help strengthen your whole immune system. Be ready for any allergen, in less time.

10 injections, once a week for 10 weeks.  One or two supplements (based on individual need).  $450 total.