Anti-aging Program

Ten week program consisting of 3 holistic natural medicine methods to improve your health in many levels.

1-Supplementation: Use of two specialized, pharmaceutical grade, non over-the-counter supplements that are both designed to stimulate antioxidant activity, reduce inflammation, regulate production of detoxification enzymes, and increase production of glutathione. Glutathione has been researched extensively and its ablility to combat and help prevent various forms of illness has been published repeatedly in medical journals.

2. Japanese Acupuncture: Extremely gentle but effective acupuncture style to lower your mental stress and physical ailments. Can actually be done without puncturing the skin at all. Will be tailored to your health needs. A time proven route to improved health and wellness.

3. Chinese herbs: The third component of the program is the use of a Chinese herbal formula. This will be custom selected for your individual constitution based on Chinese medicine diagnostics. Chinese herbal medicine has a track record of over 3,000 years of improving health and enhancing vitality.

Together these methods will:
Improve immunity
Increase energy
Lower stress
Improve your internal health
Address your physical pain

Ten weeks, 10 sessions, 60 day supply of supplements, and 60 day supply of herbal supplements- $599.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern science so you can be your best.
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