It is a big problem and getting bigger, so I have to share some important info from an article from “Acupuncture Today”, January 2017.

There are many potential reasons for the accelerating rate of Alzheimers, some of them having to do with low fat diets and possibly drugs such as statins and benzodiazepines. From the 1960’s until now, cholesterol was demonized as a huge danger.

Actually, cholesterol is 25% of the human brain by mass, so probably not the anti-christ of foods after all. Also saturated fats were demonized, but it seems unnecessarily so. In fact, Pacific Islanders, who may get up to half their calories from coconut oil (a high saturated fat food) have historically had almost no heart disease.

One in four Americans over 55 are taking statin drugs, which may be a factor in the rise of Alzheimers. Even more directly, the British Medical Journal states that taking benzodiazepines for more than three months is associated with a 51% increase in risk of Alzehimers. (Don’t take benzos. Do meditation, exercise, positive neurolinguistic programming, acupuncture.)

Enter Coconut oil. This oil has largely medium and short chain fatty acids. The medium chain fatty acids form ketones, which are able to be a direct fuel source for brain cells. (This is important because brain cells can become insulin resistant also, leading to a chain of events that cause Alzheimers.) So coconut oil can fuel brain cells (ketones naturally can cross the blood-brain barrier), it has phenolic acid which is a strong antioxidant, and it has lauric and capric acid which can help reduce insulin resistance. Coconut oil- it is a hero in the war against illness. To aid in your battle against Alzheimers, also use the detox from heavy metals on this blog, avoid cooking in aluminum, consume high antioxidant foods (such as turmeric, garlic, rosemary, blueberry), exercise your mind and body, control stress, and ask your natural health physician about specific nutraceuticals for antioxidant activity to help the brain. Please share this with anyone with Alzheimers in their family.