Hello all, it is time to talk about the mitochondria again. I just finished a short seminar with a doctor from Spectracell labs, and as usual I will share the important take home points. First off as you know, mitochondria are very important organelles inside most of our cells. They have been receiving attention in recent years due to their important roles in cellular health. These organelles produce energy (the ATP molecule, produced by aerobic respiration), store calcium, detox ammonia (especially in the liver), and help form blood components and hormones. The idea realized lately is that if mitochondria die, cells die. Mitochondria are a big deal.
The goals of studying mitochondria are to eliminate dysfunctional mitochondria, support healthy mitochondria, and protect against damage to mitochondria. There seem to be five main factors that lead to mitochondria dysfunction.
1-nutritional deficiencies within the cell
2-too much fructose and high fructose corn syrup and carbs in general
3-infections and microbes
4-zenobiotics: antibiotics, sulphites, pharmaceuticals
5- oxidative stress: the wear and tear from free radicals (which can be managed)

Some health issues from unhealthy mitochondria include gastrointestinal distress, cardiovascular myopathy, obesity, epilepsy, cancer and diabetes to name a few.

Some ways to help your mitochondria. First, it seems exercise culls the dysfunctional mitochondria, helping your body replace with healthy organelles instead. Most effective for this effect is short, higher intensity exercise, or interval training. This seems more effective than long drawn out exercise such as long distance running. Second, intermittent fasting is helpful. One full day of fasting reduces dysfunctional mitochondria in half.

Some chemicals and medications are able to damage your cellular energy makers. Roterone (Monsanto’s Round Up) stops the electron transport chain inside the mitochondria. Yes, Monsanto is actually hurting you at the aerobic respiration level. Cyanocobalamin ( a synthetic vitamin B12) also hinders the function of mitochondria. (At Tampa Bay Acu Health and Spine, we only use methylcobalamin, the form your body naturally forms and prefers). So get your B-12 from food sources and methylcobalamin supplements only. Now for antibiotics. If you didnt have enough reason to avoid these, here is another. Ciprofloxacin causes significant damage to your cellular energy makers. Ever take cipro and feel wiped out? Cipro also causes achilles tendon damage, but any antibiotic is harmful to your mitochondria. Never forget that antibiotic means anti-life.

Now for the good news. SOD (super oxide dismutase) protects your energy makers. SOD has been shown to help protect against ALS, Alzheimers, premature aging and cancer. But SOD needs copper, zinc and manganese to function.
Glutathione, the master antioxidant in your body, also protects against damage to your mitochondria. To make glutathione, your body needs selenium, and the amino acids cysteine, glutamine, and glycine.
Your brain uses a compound called acetylcholine for memory and for pain control. Acetylcholine is made from phosphatidylcholine, which your body makes from dietary choline. You can get choline form wheat germ, turkey heart, turkey liver, beef liver, eggs and pork.
All of the nutrients discussed above can be tested for metabolic activity within your cells with micronutrient testing, done at Tampa Bay Acu Health and Spine.

So in summary, it is important to get regular interval training, do periodic fasts, optimize your nutrition, avoid antibiotics at all costs, avoid HFCS and corn syrup, eliminate all refined carbohydrates, and if possible, find out your vitamin, mineral, amino acid and antioxidant status at TBAHS.