Systemic Inflammation and detoxification failure are the key factors in all diseases.

Homotoxicology is the branch of medicine that deals with detoxification, enhancing metabolic functions and optimizing internal organ functioning.  It achieves this through the use of specialized homeopathic composites that are well studied and FDA approved for health enhancement.  Systemic inflammation and detoxification failure are the key factors in ALL DISEASES.  Homotoxicology can help you with detoxification, nutrition and herbals can help you with inflammation.

The homeopathic formulas are function based medicine that help normal body processes occur.   The formulas are made from a select variety of botanical, animal and mineral ingredients.  The real key is that these ingredients do not have to be present in “normal” dosages, rather they are homeopathically potentized, which means that micro doses of the ingredients still trigger natural effects from the ingredient. These effects can include stimulating the normal biochemical cascade of ATP (energy molecule) production, or immune system cell production, or cellular level lymphatic stimulation for deep tissue cleansing.

Support the body’s mechanisms, don’t suppress them.  

Some of the issues that homotoxicology helps:

  • anti aging
  • allergies
  • chronic fatigue
  • fibromyalgia
  • liver cirrhosis
  • eczema and psoriasis
  • low immune function
  • cancer and cancer prevention
  • diabetes
  • kidney function
  • male hormone balance and energy
  • arthritis (any kind)

As an example of how homotoxicology can help diabetes, for example, consider this.  There is an acupoint on the back that has direct influence on the function of the pancreas.  When this point receives an injection of a homeopathic designed to help cellular function, along with a powerful antioxidant called glutathione, and a dose of b-complex, the pancreatic cells begin to function better, improving insulin production.  Many other examples of assisting body function exist as well.

An induction service for your body

To understand the advantage that the homotoxicology injections offer, try to picture a body system that is run down: there is fatigue, frequent illness, and general exhaustion. Internally, the biochemical process by which energy (ATP) is produced has slowed down due to accumulation of toxins, or poor production of needed co-factors.   Now know that there are also homeopathic injectables that contain metabolic co-factors, and many important biochemical constituents such as alpha-lipoic acid, b-vitamins, and cellular detoxifiers.  It is important to know that ingesting these substances may not be enough in chronic illness.  This is because the very physiologic processes of digestion, absorption, and cellular transportation are already compromised.  The difference with the homeopathic preparations is that they actually stimulate your body to produce more needed co-factors on its own, as well as stimulating detoxification  from within the cells to make the metabolism more efficient.  This is the homotoxicology difference: not pushing more substances into a system, rather enhancing the functionality of the system.  Allowing the system to get cleaner and smoother.

So in summary, homotoxicology is easy on the patient, works with the natural healing mechanisms, is safe, affordable, and has virtually no adverse reactions.  If you aren’t feeling as energetic and youthful as you should be, you owe it to yourself to find out what we can do for you.

This article from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine outlines the proven safety of homeopathic injectables:

J Altern Complement Med. 2005 Aug;11(4):609-16.

Safety of homeopathic injectables for subcutaneous administration: a documentation of the experience of prescribing practitioners.



The aim of this study was to chart the experiences of homeopathic injectables prescribing practitioners with regard to safety issues and the extent in which these practitioners would feel restricted in case subcutaneously administered homeopathics were banned.


This was a survey among practitioners who prescribe homeopathic injectables in 12 European countries.


Data were gathered from 1693 doctors experienced in the use of homeopathic injectables for subcutaneous use. The data are based on experience with an estimated 36 million patient contacts.


Of the 1693 doctors 1594 (94.2%) choose subcutaneous administration because of its therapeutic effect. 96.4% of the doctors never, very rarely, or rarely, observed any adverse reactions because of the subcutaneous form of application. The reported adverse reactions were mostly harmless (local redness, hematoma, local pain). Of the doctors, 98.1% never, very rarely, or rarely observed any adverse reactions caused by the specific homeopathic medicinal product used. In addition, 99.5% of the doctors desire homeopathic injectables for subcutaneous use to stay on the market and 89% would be severely or very severely limited in their profession if homeopathic injectables were not available.


The study suggests that homeopathic injectables have a very low risk profile. A very small number of severe adverse reactions (anaphylactic reaction, feverish symptoms, aversion/anxiety against injections, and asthma) have been reported with products with a concentration higher than 1:10,000.

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